SecretFolder is 100% free Hide Folder for home and office.

SecretFolder is a powerful solution to protect your private data from others including hackers.
You can hide your data from outside viruses and malware. You can also avoid ransom-ware which causes user heartache.
Information security will protect your local data, so you can manage your private data by yourself.
SecretFolder provides you with powerful functionality to help you manage and protect you private data.

Easy and convenient usage

  • Add - Add folder that you want to hide
  • Remove - Remove added folder from list (in list only)
  • Lock - Hide Folder added folder
  • Unlock - Recovery hidden folder
  • Preferences - Settings and functions
  • About - Program information

More secure your private data

  • Quickly hide and recovery
  • Protect from malware
  • Protect from ransom-ware
  • Safe storage of valuable private life data
  • Strong protection with no limit usage
  • Separate data from the children access
  • Separate private data from any public environment

Today's Tip

[FAQ]System is slow at the time of recording.

If you feel that the system mouse movements and slower overall at the time of recording is, it can be resolved as follows.


After you click the Settings button in the main window, go to the Encoding tab. 


After it was confirmed that while lowering the value( 30-> 25->20->15->10 ) of frames per second to (FPS), the system is fast, you can set it according to the specifications of your PC. 




* Check out various tips.

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