[HOWTO]Setting up oCam - Capture  

[HOWTO]Setting up oCam - Capture

Click Options menu and learn how to set capture categories on the left.

This option is used when you click the Capture button in Ocam's main window or when you press the hotkey (default capture hotkey F3).

Include mouse cursor

-Check to include the mouse cursor of the captured image. By default, the check is off.

Image file format at capture

-Select the image file format to save when capturing. By default, png is set. Png is the best image quality.

Additional tips

[HOWTO]Record your screen

Set the recording area first by operating the green recording area with the mouse.

Middle drag cursor

Allows you to move the recording area with the mouse.

Drag the mouse to adjust the size of the recording area.

And the large square area is the recording area for screen recording.

Once the recording area has been set, click the Record button on the Ocam main screen or press the default hot key (F2) to start recording.
(Hotkeys can be changed by the user.)


When the recording starts, the ocam main window will change as shown below.

The stop button stops recording, pause pauses recording, and capture can be captured while recording.

The remaining time, the size of the recording file currently being recorded, and the remaining space on the hard disk are displayed.

The recording area also changes to red, and if the recording area is red, you will know that you are recording.

Tap Stop Recording to stop recording and click the Open button to check the recorded video.

Click the Open button to open Windows Explorer and select the recorded file.

The recorded video can be played by the video player,

You can upload it to places like YouTube.

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