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[Tips]How to make recorded video recoverable even if app is forcibly terminated during recording

Click the codec menu of Ocam and use the MKV container to force Ocam to stop during recording.

Alternatively, the video file can be played normally even if the game is bounced and terminated during game recording.

In the case of MP4, recovery is not possible.

Please note that the Windows Media Player does not operate smoothly when playing a forced MKV file.

MKV does not support Naver's video upload function (not supported by Naver), so you need to upload it to YouTube to share it on the web.

Additional tips

[FAQ]If sound comes from only one speaker when recording microphone

This problem may occur when recording microphones using a professional audio interface.

Unlike the general microphone, when recording through the audio interface, the problem occurs because the recording is in monaural.

Go to Tools-Options in Ocam's menu and tap the Sounds tab on the left.

If you only hear sound from the left side of the speaker when recording the microphone, change the input source to Input 1 (left channel). If you only hear sound from the right side of the speaker, change the input source to Input 2 (right channel).

* Note

-The mic's input is of course mono, but for low-cost mics, it's physically mono and the incoming data is in stereo. (At this time, since there is only one microphone, the input stereo signal is the same data for both left and right data.) However, for a professional microphone using the audio interface, both the actual input is mono and the data input in the program is mono. This is why you should do this.

-If you change the input source to input 1 (left channel) because the sound is only from the left side of the microphone when recording, but the sound is not recorded at all, but instead to input 2 (right channel), the sound is played normally. is. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the speaker position is physically changed and whether the input of the cable is reversed.

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