[HOWTO]Record microphone and system sounds  

[HOWTO]Record microphone and system sounds

* This article is for Windows Vista or later. Please refer to the How to use & Tips board for Windows XP.

By default, when recording with OCAM, system sounds are automatically recorded together, but the microphone is not recorded.

If you want to record a microphone as well, click the Sound button on the main screen of oCam, and a popup will appear as shown below. Select a microphone to record.

If checked, the settings are applied as follows and the microphone is recorded together.

If you do not want to record sound at all, uncheck Record system sound and uncheck Do not record microphone.

Additional tips

[FAQ]'is dangerous, so Chrome has blocked it.' Google Chrome Not Downloading Files

In some cases, Google Chrome browser incorrectly detects ohsoft software and alerts you that it is dangerous, so Chrome has blocked it.

ohsoft programs are secure software that does not include any malware or sponsor programs. If you get a false alert , click the Show all button (as shown in the Pic1). 

Click [Keep dangerous file] to proceed downloading. (Pic2)

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