[HOWTO]Setting Up oCam - Effect - Click Effect  

[HOWTO]Setting Up oCam - Effect - Click Effect

Learn about setting effect categories when you click Tools-Options on the oCam main menu.

Click effects can be applied when the left mouse button is clicked and when the right mouse button is clicked.

Here are the options for the effects you can click on, and learn about each one.

Style supports five styles.



Star ( Random color)

Star Rotation

Star Rotation (Random Color)

The color is the color used for the click effect, and the color you set is ignored for random colors.


By default it's red, for example the style is a ring, and if you change the color to black, you get:

(Note: the highlight animation starts slightly to the left of the edit cursor, which is normal because the click coordinate of the edit cursor is slightly to the left.)

The length of the animation is how long the mouse cursor effect lasts.



If you set an animation length of about 0.5 seconds


If you set an animation length of about 2.5 seconds


Size and line thickness mean the size of the figure and the border thickness of the figure according to the set style.
If you increase the size to 150, and the line thickness is about 20


And finally, the part that looks like below is a preview to preview the options you set.

Hover over the preview shown above and left or right click to preview the effect.

Additional tips

[FAQ]Error appears when recording starts 'Failed to av_image_alloc'

This error message is very rare and is caused by insufficient memory available on Windows.

Quit the running program and record or make a smaller recording area.

Or it may be caused by setting the recording-scaling-video scaling resolution too high (for example, 8k resolution) in Ocam's settings.

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