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[Tips]Nox App (Android Player) Solution for the rack that occurs badly when recording a game

* Tested on Nox App Player V3.7.5.1 version (2016.11.24).

If the rack occurs badly after starting the game recording, please change the setting as below.

Run the Nox app and click the gear in the top right corner.

In the System Settings window that appears, go to Advanced Settings on the left, select Graphics Mode as Speed Mode (DirectX) and click the Save Settings button.

Restarting the Knox app should solve the problem.

Additional tips

[HOWTO]Setting up oCam - Hotkeys

Click the Tools-Options on the oCam Main Menu to learn how to set shortcut categories.

Record shortcut
-Sets a shortcut key to start or stop recording. The default shortcut is F2.

Pause Shortcut
-Set a shortcut key to pause recording while recording. The default shortcut is Shift + F2.

Capture shortcut
-Sets a shortcut to be used for screen capture. The default shortcut is F3.

-Click the Resize button in the main window of OCam to use the function called Find Recording Target Window. You can set a shortcut for this function and the default shortcut is F4.

* To change the shortcut, enter the shortcut you want in the Shortcut input field and click the OK button in the bottom right corner.

* If you do not want to use a shortcut, uncheck the checkbox of the shortcut.

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