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[Tips]How to record the microphone and computer sound together during recording (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Click the Sound button in the Ocam main window.

The following menu pops up and it is checked by default that no microphone is recorded.



Select the microphone you want to record. (If the microphone does not appear in the list, see below.)

If checked, the settings are applied as follows and the microphone is recorded together.

If the microphone device is not listed above even though the microphone is connected, proceed as follows.

(If the menu related to the microphone does not appear at all and the system sound recording menu only appears, or the microphone item appears but all microphone devices are not displayed, the audio is not the default microphone device. The interface unit should be listed and follow this procedure if it does not.)

Go to Start Menu-Control Panel.
Find and click the Sounds item in Control Panel.

The following window will appear. Click the Recording tab.

If you go to the Recording tab, no audio device is set. Click the right button on the white background to open the popup menu. (Or the recording device appears in the list but the desired device does not appear)

Click Show Unavailable Devices.

Select the microphone device you want to use and press the right button to click Enable.
(If you are using an audio interface, you may have a separate recording device called a line input in addition to the microphone, and you must record with that device.)


Click the Sound button on the OHCAM to check if the microphone unit is working properly.

Additional tips

[FAQ]Workaround for voice sync when editing in Adobe Premiere

(Applies to the current development version. Http://cafe.naver.com/ohsoft/133)

Ocam is set to record in variable frame rate mode by default.

However, Adobe Premiere does not normally support variable frame rates when loading video files in variable frame rate mode, so voice is out of sync.

To record at a fixed frame rate instead of a variable frame rate:
You can set the frame rate mode as shown below in OCAM's menu-click the option and then click on the record-general.

Set it to a fixed frame rate and press the OK button.


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