[Tips]How to record sound when using the USB audio interface  

[Tips]How to record sound when using the USB audio interface

Rather than playing sound with the built-in sound card, you can record sound played by the audio device when you purchase an additional USB audio device. For example, if your additional USB audio device is a Scarlett 2i2 USB,


1) Click the Sounds item in Control Panel.


2) Click to bring up the window below and you will see the newly connected USB audio device in the Playback tab.

Select the USB audio device and click "Set as Default".

You can see it is set as default device.


Now, the sound played by the system is played by the device, and the sound from the device is recorded when recording from oCam.

Additional tips

[Tips]Adding a watermark

Adding a watermark

The watermark, and because someone else my videos you can embed, you are adding an image to prove the source to my videos.


How to add a watermark is as follows.


In main window, click Tools - and then click Options.


After the configuration window appears, I click the watermark on the left side. 


If the check is to use the watermark image that is set in the image path of the recorded video is displayed.


If the opacity is 100%, it is displayed as it is to display the value as decreases transparency. 


Coordinates, set the location to show a watermark in the video.


When recording, video image is displayed.


Watermark image, PNG, JPG, supports BMP format, PNG also supports image that contains the alpha channel. 

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