[Tips]To use an external codec - Xvid codec  

[Tips]To use an external codec - Xvid codec

Support external codec (VFW), and learn how to use the Xvid codec for here.


Xvid codec, which can be downloaded from the following sites. 





After installing the codec, it is necessary to re-run the oCam always, you can see from the list of external codecs.


Click the codec menu external.


Click the check box that you are using an external codec. 


Select the Xvid MPEG-4 Codec List.



Then click the Settings button, and let the advanced settings of the codec. 




Additional tips

[FAQ]Automatic shutdown after a few seconds after running oCam

This can happen when the online video lessons site is running.

This is a problem caused by the recording prevention program running at the site to prevent the recording and forcibly terminating the recording program at regular intervals.

If you want to record, you need to contact the site.

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