[HOWTO]Resizing the recording area  

[HOWTO]Resizing the recording area

In the main screen of oCam, there is a button called Resize.

A popup menu will appear as shown below.


The yellow highlighted area in the pop-up menu indicates the resolution of the recording area, and clicking on the menu item will change the size of the recording area to the selected resolution.


The maximum resolution supported is 4k by default, and up to 8k for MPEG-4 codec only.

If you click the full screen menu item, the recording area is set to the entire screen. If you start recording in this state, the entire screen is recorded.

The Find Recording Window menu item displays the window indicated by the mouse pointer as a red rectangle box when clicked. If clicked, the area of ​​the window indicated by the mouse pointer is designated as the recording area.

Find Record Destination window is useful when you want to record or capture only a specific window.

Custom size menu item can be clicked and user can input the size of recording area by number as follows.

Additional tips

[HOWTO]Record only sound

Click the Audio Recording tab on the oCam main screen.

If you press the record button, only the sound will be recorded.

By default, MP3 files are created, and you can use other codecs besides MP3 by clicking the codec button.

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