[Tips]Rename files saved when ..  

[Tips]Rename files saved when recording, recording, or capturing

Click Tools-Options in the top menu of Ocam.
Click the Save tab on the left to set the file name to save.


By default it is saved in the following format:

Characters enclosed in <> brackets contain special keywords that can be used to represent headers, dates, serial numbers, program names, user IDs, and user names.

The default setting is to start recording and finish the recording. It will be saved in the recording_2015_05_07_14_22_41_791 format.



This will save the test_2015_05_07_14_22_41_791 format when recording is complete.

If you want to add a serial number rather than a date after the test

Test _ <#> will save Test_1 ... Test_2 ... Test_3 ............ Test_10 It's possible.

Description of special keywords in <> brackets

If the current date is

<Y> = 15 (two-digit year)
<YY> = 15 (two-digit year)
<YYYY> = 2015 (four digit year)
<M> = 5 (one digit per month)
<MM> = 05 (two digits per month)
<MMM> = 5 (not used in Korean locales)
<MMMM> = May (monthly, followed by language according to system locale)
<D> = 7 (one digit per day)
<DD> = 07 (two digits per day)
<DDD> = Thursday (day of week)
<DDDD> = Thursday (pasted by language according to locale)
<DDDDD> = 2015-05-07 (date)
<DDDDDD> = Thursday, May 7, 2015 (date and day of week, localized by language)
<C> = 2015-05-07 2:22:41 pm (date and time)
<H> = 14 (one digit of hour)
<HH> = 14 (two-digit hour)

<N>= 22 (one digit minute) 

<NN>= 22 (two digit minute)
<S> = 41 (single digit seconds)
<SS> = 41 (two digit seconds)
<Z> = 791 (milliseconds)
<ZZZ>= 791 (milliseconds)
<T> = 2:22 PM (names are different according to AM / PM locale, followed by time)

<TT> = 2:22:41 PM (AM / PM locales are therefore different names, followed by hours and seconds)
<AM/PM> = AM or PM
<a/p> = a or p
<ampm> = AM or PM

<Prefix> = Record when recording, screen capture when capture, sound when recording
<ProgramName> = oCam for basic recording, and the name of the executable file for the game program if the video is recorded.

<UserID> = Windows user ID
<DisplayUserName> = window user displayed name

<#> = Single digit serial number
<##> = two digit serial number
<###> = three digit serial number

Additional tips

[HOWTO]Setting Codec-Selecting Video External Codec (VFW)

You can use x264vfw codec or VFW codec such as xVid in Ocam.

Click on CODEC menu of OCAM and pop up menu as below.
(External codec only supports AVI container.)

A window will appear as shown below, and check the Use external codec checkbox.

After checking, click the combo box item below to display the installed external codec of your computer.
Select the desired external codec and press the OK button.  

Now, when you start recording, the recording will proceed with the selected external codec.

If you do not want to use an external codec, click the External Codec menu as before, and uncheck the Use External Codec checkbox, the system will automatically select the last internal codec you used.

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