VirtualDVD is 100% free virtual DVD-ROM emulator for home and office.

VirtialDVD is powerful solution which can mount various disk-image file including LCD format. Maximize user convenience and Minimize using system resources.

Support various disk-image file format

  • ClonCD (*.ccd)
  • CDRWin (*.bin)
  • Cue Sheets (*.cue)
  • CDImage (*.img)
  • ISO (*.iso)
  • BlindRead (*.bwt)
  • BlindWrite (*.b5t) (*.b6t)
  • DAEMON Tools Image (*.mds) (*.mdf) (*.mdx)
  • Disk Juggler (*.cdi)
  • Instant CD/DVD (*.pdi)
  • Compressed ISO (*.isz)
  • Nero Burning ROM (*.nrg)
  • CloneDVD (*.dvd)
  • CDSpace6 (*.lcd)

Convenient install and Useful function

  • Easy install and remove
  • Convenient tray-icon
  • Simple user environment setting
  • Unlimited extend virtual drive count
  • Support many languages
  • Provide execution function when windows start
  • Quickly mount and unmount just by one click

Today's Tip

[FAQ]'Failed to get path of 64-bit Common Files directory' Error when installing oCam

Press the Windows Key + R shortcut on your keyboard to bring up the Run window, and type regedit.

And follow the video below.

The following registry key values should be added.

CommonFilesDir = C: \ Program Files \ Common Files
ProgramFilesDir = C: \ Program Files

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