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Recommended spec
CPU pentium4 2.5GHz
VGA over 1024*768 16BIT
OS 2003 / Vista / Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
LICENSE Free For Home User Only(non-commercial)

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Today's Tip

[HOWTO]Game recording

* Game recording supports Directx8 to Directx12, OpenGL.

Click the Record Game button.

Click to change to the game recording tab and the resize button will disappear.

Now when you go to the running game window, you will see a yellow FPS number display on the top left of the game screen.

Now press F2, the recording hotkey (you can change it in settings).

The FPS number turns red as shown below, indicating that recording is in progress.


To stop recording, press the Record hotkey F2 again to stop recording.

* Check out various tips.

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