[HOWTO]How to reset oCam's settings  

[HOWTO]How to reset oCam's settings

Go to Ocam's Menu-Options and click Reset button to reset all settings of Ocam.


Alternatively, after exiting ocam, go to the %appdata%\ocam folder through Windows Explorer and delete the Config.ini file.

However, if you directly delete the Config.ini file, serial information may be deleted as well, so this method is not recommended unless it is inevitable.

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[FAQ]Error while writing video frame (error = -28)

If the following error occurs after a certain time while recording

Error while writing video frame (error = -28)

(Error code number 28)

If the file system format of the path where the recorded video file is saved is FAT, this error message appears when the video file size exceeds 4GB.
(The FAT file system has a maximum file size of 4 GB.)

You may need to change the file system you are using to NTFS or change the storage path of Ocam to a path using a different NTFS file system.

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