[FAQ]Please let me disable the..  
[FAQ]Please let me disable the deep screen function when avast vaccine has been installed.

The problem with the program is installed when you install or update many times a user who may be avast antivirus.

Yes, because the dip-screen functions provided by avast.


The lack of action when the executable is run flatbed information Dip screen feature.

If you keep waenman compatibility with antivirus programs, but in this case is not working properly and can not perform their normal functions normal program because of specific features of the vaccine is not even malicious programs.


This is because the false positives of the vaccine is thought to be the same as seeing the damage he made like a normal program, avast is therefore the program will not prompt support from OSU dip screen compatibility.

Here's how to turn off the dip-screen feature of avast.


Click the button to the left of the main screen, go to avast.

Check off the screen using a dip tteumyeo the checkbox to the left of the settings window click and antivirus.